Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Crepe Myrtle Summer" Mandala

                                                       24" x 36"
                                                       acrylic on canvas

I created this using my sketches of crepe myrtles as reference. The center vortex of the mandala was designed using the forms and lines of the trunk structures.  I make patterns of different aspects of the plant and then manipulate them until I am please with their symmetrical repetitious placement. In this one I decided to include a "botanical" study of a blossom stem.


  1. Hi Steven,
    You must really be proud of this glorious work. It's spectacular in design and color. I really like the botanical study at the bottom, too. How did you come up with the idea to add the lovely rendering of a crepe myrtle branch in this location?
    It makes the beautiful shrub real to those who may not have them growing in their location. We planted quite a few in our last home just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. They did very well and the bright pink blossoms added a ton of vibrant color to the yard.
    Great work, Steven.

    1. Hi Gary!

      I really enjoyed playing with the vibrant palette here. It took me several studies (colored pencil sketches) to determine just where I wanted to go with it. The idea for the branch was always "there"-who knows where it came from! Isn't that the way with creation?-it just comes. I guess it was simply a concept that captured my muse that I had to explore.

      Crepe myrtles are such beautiful statements of summer color during the hot, humid days of Southern heat. Nice that you have known and grown them. So many color choices along with so many sizes. I've always found them to be an excellent "mid-story" tree-not too short, not too tall; and yes, there are smaller shrub form sizes. I've always included some in my landscape designs.

      Always good to hear from you. Thanks for the kudos.


  2. I love this! It is absolutely beautiful.