Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Koi Pond"

This is the first floorcloth that I have ever posted here on my blog.  I paint them mostly as commissioned pieces.  They are so "site" specific as most clients want them to be compatible with their decor.  I started doing these because the idea fascinated me somehow as an application of useful or applied art. So, after lots of experimenting and study I thought I had created some interesting creative objects of art for submission to our regional craft guild. "Long story short":   In the year 2000 I became a member of "Piedmont Craftsmen" after passing a stringent jury process of submitting examples of my floorcloths and tablecovers  .  This guild has given me great exposure in this Southeastern region of the US. From time to time I receive commissions because of my affiliation with this splendid group of craftsmen and the attention that it has given me.

                                         "Koi Pond for Greg"

                                          60" X 36"
                                          acrylic on canvas