Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Koi Pond"

This is the first floorcloth that I have ever posted here on my blog.  I paint them mostly as commissioned pieces.  They are so "site" specific as most clients want them to be compatible with their decor.  I started doing these because the idea fascinated me somehow as an application of useful or applied art. So, after lots of experimenting and study I thought I had created some interesting creative objects of art for submission to our regional craft guild. "Long story short":   In the year 2000 I became a member of "Piedmont Craftsmen" after passing a stringent jury process of submitting examples of my floorcloths and tablecovers  .  This guild has given me great exposure in this Southeastern region of the US. From time to time I receive commissions because of my affiliation with this splendid group of craftsmen and the attention that it has given me.

                                         "Koi Pond for Greg"

                                          60" X 36"
                                          acrylic on canvas


  1. Hi Steven,
    Just saw you pop-up on the globe on my blog and thought I'd see what you've been up to lately.
    The floorcloth is beautiful! Must've been a big hit with the new owner. I am curious as to the material you used to make it. That, and the type of paint used. My guess is it must be very durable, though I'm also guessing it won't be seeing too much traffic. I'd be very careful with such a work of art and make certain if it was walked on, people would tread very, very lightly. Are floorcloths even meant to be walked on?
    Great work, Steven. Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thanks! Yes, new owner is very happy with their floor cloth-after all it was painted just for them with the subject of their choice!

    I paint floor cloths on a heavy 12 oz. canvas that I shrink before applying any paint. I do this so that it does not change size after I begin painting my design. This ensures that the finished creation will be just the size intended and desired. I use acrylic paints for the design and then protect the finished painting with 3-5coats of a satin acrylic glaze just like you might apply to a wooden floor. Actually these floor cloths are very durable. People and animals have been walking on one of a kind hand-made rugs for centuries so why not these? In the "early days" of our country floor cloths were painted on worn sails from boats. They were placed on the wooden floors, where spaces between the boards permitted the cold air to flow, thus creating a barrier for warmth.

    Always good to hear from you, Gary.

  3. I love those. Nice to see that you haven't given up floor cloths.

  4. Thanks Wendy!
    I still do floor clothes as commissions. I really enjoyed this one. It was like doing most any other painting with the added requirements of a floor cloth=heavy canvas, rubber emulsion backing and several coats of an acrylic glaze to protect the painting.