Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Walking through the Woods"


 Here's a project that I worked on this past fall.  It took me three months to complete.  These three panels now hang in "Willingham Court" a dining area at Arbor Acres Retirement Community.  My concept for these was to present the image in a way that would evoke the way that oriental paintings are mounted on silk panels.  Of course my images are not at all oriental in style,  however I painted the borders to resemble patterns that might be woven in silk.  The over all decor of this court has an oriental flair in fabric patterns used along with beautiful interior landscape plantings and architectural features.

Each Panel:
                                                   Left: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                          Center: 72" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                                   Right: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas