Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Sagacious Chroma"

I painted this for my son for Christmas.

Why "Sagacious"? Trees (all plants) seem to have an inherent wisdom as each one reaches into the earth for nourishment and into the sky for light, absorbing what is needed and giving back what we breathe. They do this with character in their structure, texture, color and movement in space. They go about their lives with such joy in expression, not being a bit apologetic about their individuality. They are ever evolving and expanding......just like us.

I really have so much pleasure in the "written word" and from time to time try to write something myself. As time goes on maybe I'll be able to expand my vocabulary and write what I feel in my soul with the same joy as that of my painting. So, my feeble attempt at haiku:

"Seeing light above
Color and pattern abound
Arched arms reach to touch."

Oil on Canvas
60" X 36"