Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Walking through the Woods"


 Here's a project that I worked on this past fall.  It took me three months to complete.  These three panels now hang in "Willingham Court" a dining area at Arbor Acres Retirement Community.  My concept for these was to present the image in a way that would evoke the way that oriental paintings are mounted on silk panels.  Of course my images are not at all oriental in style,  however I painted the borders to resemble patterns that might be woven in silk.  The over all decor of this court has an oriental flair in fabric patterns used along with beautiful interior landscape plantings and architectural features.

Each Panel:
                                                   Left: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                          Center: 72" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                                   Right: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas                          



  1. Hi Steven,
    Wow! The paintings look fantastic and I'm sure they give a great deal of pleasure to the residents. Have they had you in to give a lecture on how you did them, along with signing autographs? If not, tell them Gary said they should--That should make it happen! Hope the New Year has been good to you, or like me, you've been able to recover a little from that shocking and sad election.
    I don't know about you, but that imbecile temporarily occupying the oval office is a national embarrassment and I've never been so disappointed for our country. I only hope his term is cut short by impeachment or resigning the office. I'd like to see him defeated in every one of his vile schemes by the courts and nationwide protests. So far, the courts have slapped him down quite impressively and let's hope the Supreme Court continues the good work. He deserves nothing less than daily humiliation and scorn from decent, forward-looking citizens. So far, every comedian in America is doing a pretty fair job of using his own words (and those of his surrogates) to highlight his ignorance, evil plans and ego-maniacal personality.
    Other than that, I'm pretty laid-back about life just now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day and keep up the great work.

  2. Hello Gary!
    Thanks! No autographs yet, however the resident and visitor reviews have been uplifting and make me feel good.
    I'm right there with you politically. Being an idealist, I have this hopeful wish and desire that I will be pleasantly surprised at some point during this administration. It certainly hasn't happened yet (It already seems like "he" has already been in office so long!). It appears that any progress our country has made thus far toward honoring the dignity, protection, and freedom of all might be erased in an instant just by the signing of an order by a megalomaniac.
    Glad you life is laid-back. What a joy!
    Always great to hear from you.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Wendy!
      Thanks! How good to hear from you after your big move and all. I really regret that we didn't see each other before you left. My hands have been very full with being a caregiver for Bo and painting when I can. I still view your blog and enjoy your creations, thoughts and musings about life and what you're doing. I have always felt blessed in knowing you and having you for a friend (lousy as I am at letting you know that).

  4. Stephen this is a stunning triptic! This is a very beautiful and ambitious project. You have completely captured the Asian sensibility in your painting style and colours. I also love the background silk motif you painted on each panel. You must feel very proud of your work.

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thank you!
      This project was so fascinating to me. I wanted to create something that would become part of the "feeling", as I perceived it, of the space and bring joy and interest to those who reside there.
      Thanks for commenting.