Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Van Gogh Maple"

                                                    street side maple tree
                                                    calling out to me to paint
                                                    Van Gogh memories

                                                     oil on canvas
                                                     30" X 40"


  1. Hi Steven,
    WOW! What potion did you take to come so close to his style, yet keep the painting your own! Quite a change for you and I must say I like the Van Gogh "ness" of it. As I looked at this piece a second time, I thought, if you hadn't uttered any reference to the master, I'm not sure I would've "gotten it". That's a compliment, by the way, Steven. It's funny how it vaguely reminded me of someone, but not enough to make me shout, "It's Van Gogh!"
    Well Done! Have a good week.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Will Chardonnay qualify as a potion? I do enjoy it!
      I have been studying Van Gogh's creations a lot lately. He's always been a favorite of mine-and I do love trees and use them as a source of reference very often. It just sort of happened. There's this marvelous twisted maple near where we live that I have been enjoying for the past few years and kept telling myself that some day it would be the inspiration for a painting. So, recently I took the time to make photos and this is what I created in my studio using the tree as my inspiration.
      Thanks so much for visiting. I always enjoy your comments.
      Best wishes to you and Michelle