Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Park Sunrise"

                                          meditation time
                                          walking up this curving path
                                          sunrise in the park

                                          acrylic on canvas
                                          20" X 20"


  1. Hi Steven,
    I like the flowing, swirling greenery and stairs. Not to belabor the Van Gogh channeling, but I do get a feeling of homage, intended or not. This is very expressive and I'd love to see more, even less-restrained works like this.
    I'm going to trash an on-going, extremely over-worked (and heavy) canvas on which countless attempts to do something expressive have failed. Your work will inspire me to keep trying!
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks! I have always been intrigued by Van Gogh"s art; so I guess it is only natural that channeling his influence happens. Viewing the impressionists and post impressionists paintings brings me great joy.
      I think you are wonderful at expressing yourself in your own way of creating. Maybe you are saying that you want to explore other "ways" of putting paint on canvas? Sometimes it's a good idea to give yourself permission to "play"'s just paint and canvas. Sounds like you've done that a bit. As long as it is fun, then it is worthwhile! Life is supposed to be fun!
      Your blog friend,