Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Southern Glow"

One of my favorite things about living in the "South" is the flora. I look forward each year to the time when the Crape-Myrtles bloom. They reward us with several weeks of beautiful blossoms ranging in colors from white to pale pinks to vivid reds to lavenders.
Oil on Composite Panel
24" X 16"



  1. Crape-myrtle is a beautiful plant for sure! I like the impressionist approach you took here. It brings everything to life.

  2. Hi Steven,
    My suspicion is that what this painting makes me feel is probably not your intent, but....
    The swirling composition and muted colors (at least on my computer screen) make me wonder what dark thoughts preoccupied you at your easel.
    The lonely shrub is telling, too. I've seldom, if ever seen a single crape myrtle and we planted many of thses beauties when we lived in Tennessee, always in groups of three or more.
    So, Steven--what gives? Is it just my computer? Are you channeling Vincent?
    I'll be standing by to learn the secrets!

  3. Oh my,,, these are my favorite too. I was just in Dallas today and they are still blooming. They fragrance drifted through the air and awakened the landscape. This painting has such a light, airy inviting appeal. Love everything about it.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Hi Gary,
    Isn't one wonderful aspect of art the fact that each individual may react just as his/her inner being chooses to react? I'm sure there may be just as many interpretations of an artist's intent as there are viewers.
    I find it interesting that my swirls and muted colors cause you to ponder what dark thoughts may lie within this ever busy head of mine. I assure you there was no conscious effort on my part to convery anything other than the back-glow of sunlight upon this lone crape myrtle.
    When I paint, I really try to let the muse lead me wherever it may as I manipulate mass, color, texture and line. So, really no secrets here.
    I always enjoy your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi Angela,
    Your rection is so different from Gary's!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. We just had our first vacation in 13 years--back to South Nags Head. My wife thinks so highly of NC she wants to live there only within range of the OBX. Me too especially where there are plenty of Crepe Myrtles.

    I'm seeing a night scene here with a strong light shining in my direction. I feel compelled to come clean, tell the truth, spill my guts. Perhaps the light is ethereal, and I should have nothing to fear. In any case, the light in this piece is very engaging.

  6. Hi William
    Fear not-and by all means please continue to be engaged by the light! It's just simply wonderful that another would take the time to look and comment on what I do.
    Best wishes to your wife who appreciates the beguiling qualities of the OBX.
    I enjoy your blog.
    Thanks for being a new friend here.