Monday, July 11, 2011

"Froelich Garden"

“Moving from stone to stone exploring the path’s design
I imagine trails yet to explore and worlds of another kind.
Abandon is mine as I skip and advance beyond this present time,
Knowing the life that's set me free deep within my mind.”

Every day I am enamored by the beauty that I find so close to home as I walk through my community. I'm starting a series of paintings recording subjects that are charming to me for one reason or another. All of these paintings will be small (5" X 7") and I'll challenge myself by including in this small space the detail that I feel is important to convey what I find beautiful about each scene.
Here's the first one:

I've painted this intimate little courtyard garden as the sun has risen over the rooftops, almost mid-day, bathing it in clear bright light. My grandsons enjoy stepping from stone to stone as they wind their way through the serpentine path.
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
7" X 5"


  1. Steven,
    Since I see no attribution to another, can this really be your poetry? I'm guessing it is, based on your painting and warm smile.
    But I digress. I really wrote to say how much I enjoyed your poems, as well as, your paintings.
    I commend you on being doubly talented!

  2. Hi Gary
    Yep, it's my own writing (corny as it is). Sometimes I just get the urge. I am definately a dilettante when it comes to writing. If I wrote more and painted more they would probably both improve!
    Thanks for visiting and your compliments.

  3. Hi Steven, you're choosing subjects that are charming to us too I think. This is a beautiful painting, I love the palette. It looks a very peaceful place and it must be great to sit awhile and enjoy that scene. Lovely words too.

    best wishes

  4. Hi Inky
    Thank you so much for your kind words. It really is a lovely little garden in which to sit and experience the beauty.