Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Downtown Color"

Once again I painted something about a brighter warmer time of year! Could be that I'm anxious for spring and the colors of the visibly active growing season. Just as in my last posted painting , I'm still enjoying impasto alla prima. Reference for this is a photograph that I made this past summer while exploring downtown Winston-Salem. Our city does a beautiful job of maintaining these colorful hanging pots that they have placed on lamp posts throughout our downtown streets.

Oil on Canvas

9" X 12"


  1. Beautiful colors and like the impasto style. Great work!

  2. Hey Steve,
    I've liked this from the first day you posted it. It is not only a good painting, but it also reminds me of the large hanging baskets (of petunias) Portland puts up in the summer.

  3. Hi Narayan and Sidmar
    Thanks for looking and enjoying!

    Hey Gary
    Don't you just love towns that do stuff like this? You and I are lucky that we live in towns that do!
    Thanks for keeping up with my painting activities and taking the time to comment.