Monday, July 31, 2017

"Reynolda Gardens Bridge" (in the woods)

I walked along a path that took me into the woods at Reynolda Gardens.  This path followed along a marsh area that years ago was where Lake Katharine was located.  I found  this stone bridge that (from what my research has revealed) was adjacent to a filled-in area that would have been the outdoor swimming pool during the early years of the development of the Reynolds estate.  Early photos show this area with very few trees and open to the sunlight.
                                          48" X 28"
                                          oil on canvas


  1. Lovely. Very unfortunate that the lake was filled in. I would have loved to have seen it in its original state when the house was in use.

  2. Thanks Wendy! I remember as a child seeing Lake Katharine. When I visit Reynoda today, I really miss it's beauty. I think that it filled-in over the years with silt and erosion of surrounding areas. The costs of dredging and maintaining the lake must have become too great for the Reynolda Historic trust to undertake restoration and ongoing care. Today it remains a lovely place in it's evolution and incarnation to it's present state.