Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Artum Garden Summer"

                                          acrylic on canvas
                                          8" X 8"

I painted this a couple months ago while the Crapemyrtles were still in bloom-one of my favorite mid-size blooming trees.  They love our hot, humid summers here in North Carolina.  This is a lovely path in "Artum Garden" near where I live.  There's a small pond with a little waterfall just to the right of this view. I posted a painting of it here on my blog this past December (2014).  You can hear the refreshing trickle while walking down this path.


  1. Hi Steven,
    Bout time you were getting back to work! :) This beautiful painting takes me back to our last home in east Tennessee. We lived in a subdivision in Hamilton County, about twenty minutes from Chattanooga. Our home had a large back yard and we planted a good number of Crepe Myrtles, among lots of other plants and trees and shrubs. Like you, they were--and still are--among our favorites.
    You shocked me into realizing the fact that summer is over! It's easy to forget how nature works on the mainland. We're still quite warm, with daily temperatures in the mid-to-high eighties. We're actually looking forward to "winter", when the daily highs drop down to high-seventies to the low-eighties. Never thought I'd write such a blasphemous sentence.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Gary,
    Actually, I am always creating something...believe it or not...I just don't post often. Thanks for the kudos.
    I try to imagine how it might be where you live. The seasons must be much less pronounced in their differences. Yet, I bet the longer you live there the changes will become more noticeable, and the subtleties will be remarkable. Today, here in NC, the colors and temperatures of Fall exist and beautiful maples, oaks, dogwoods and other hardwoods are turning their lovely, spectacular warm colors along with crisp, cool air.
    Let's continue to enjoy the beauty of this planet.
    It's always good to hear from you.
    Your blog friend,