Saturday, January 18, 2014


In my life there are many passages going on at the same time.  (Probably that's the same for all of us.)  I may be rendering a site specific commissioned abstract painting, a house portrait, or a landscape/garden painting for clients,  while in other blocks of time I'll sketch what is in front of me at the moment or care for a loved one or play with grandchildren or friends.  There is also the inner artist (I take great liberties using "artist") striving to make unique statements, testaments, profound illustrations conveying enlightenment, history, beauty, injustices, and/or every other idea know to humankind.

Here's what I have been doing the past few months as my musings have lead me into new areas of exploring line, form, color and contemplative spiritual content.  I am happily enjoying this new phase.

The drawings in sequence:

                                            "Beginning Trees"

                                                     "High Noon"



                                                      "First Mandalas"

                                          "Crown Mandala"

                                                   "Mandala on Coffee Filter"


  1. Thanks Steven for posting these! The limited color is nice and the mandalas are very spiritual indeed. I consider them to be powerful meditation devices. How did you come to doing them? I also admire your resolution just to settle in and enjoy these [and the other details of life] as they come--a talent I seem to have misplaced. Best.

  2. Hi William
    I usually manage to loose myself ( or maybe in reality I am finding myself) during the creative process and compositions with a central vortex have always interested me. So, I guess a mandala happening was just inevitable.
    Yes, you are correct in that as time passes, I seem to enjoy settling into wherever my source within leads me. Learning that this life is to be enjoyed has been a great revelation and emancipation for me.
    I continue to miss your masterful, beautiful and enticing creations.