Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Sunlit Day in Old Salem"

I'm enjoying sketching a lot these days.  Sometimes I feel that my drawing skills are getting weak.  I'm still old fashioned enough to want to be able to draw whatever I see before me.  There is never a lack of interesting things to draw/paint/observe/record/interpret/embellish in this world!

"Precise" pen
on sketchbook page


  1. You know I'm lovin these, given some of my recent posts. You have such a great feel for the pen line and it's possibilities--the quick, autographic feel. Those precise pens are a scream aren't they? I just discovered them myself. I'm really liking them.

  2. Thanks William! Yes, I like the ease of "Precise" pens and enjoy quick sketching with them as well as longer drawings.

  3. Hi Steven, you have wonderful drawing skills and have captured the sunlight here superbly.

  4. Very nice work! Good drawing and harmony of colors.