Thursday, November 1, 2012


picnic in the park
blue-sky day with cypress stumps
basking in the sun

These plein air drawings were done in Greenfield Park in Wilmington, NC. 
Both are graphite applied to pages in my sketchbook.


  1. I love your sketches. I'm working hard to get back to my sketchbook. Hope you and Bo are doing well.

    1. Hi Wendy
      And I love to sketch! I decided it was time to post some of them.
      This is "your" season-hope all is well with you and your creations.

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  3. This is my kind of plein air. Not loaded down with lots of heavy equipment is the only way to go out into the wood. And what wonderfully drawings you got. Aside from people, the woods--and pastries are my favorites. Go figure. Your drawings are pushing me out the door. Your draftsmanship is very enticing. Sorry I haven't been around; I've been busy nailing myself down. I think I've done, so I can relax a bit with art buddies.

    1. Yes, out the door! It is easy with just a sketch book and a variety of leads. There really is nothing like being in nature and creating in the moment. I too love the woods so very much. The scents of nature, the softness under foot, the dappled light, the peace-all just right. I allow myself to follow the muse and enjoy.
      Thanks for visiting. Always good to hear from you.

  4. Belles esquisses, tu as raison de prendre ton carnet de croquis , ce que j'oublie trop souvent et lorsque l'on se trouve au milieux de très jolis endroits on a souvent envie de se faire plaisir en dessinant, en esquissant les instants de chaque moments vécus.
    Bon week-end à toi.