Sunday, July 29, 2012

"To Say Thank You"

scented pristine white
a thank you for our luncheon
such a thoughtful gift

Mixed Media (graphite, wax crayon, acrylic, felt markers)
on paper

I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been working on some commissions (I'll post when finished.).  However,yesterday, while my grandsons were creating in my studio (they love Papa's studio!), I created too.  Phoebe and Bill had sent us these beautiful lilies after attending our summer luncheon last Saturday.  I just couldn't let this wonderful opportunity of "capturing" them in my own way pass me by.  So, while Jacob (8 yrs.) painted a very symmetrical composition with primary colors (looks like a rectangular mandala), and Zachary (6yrs.) a rabbit standing by a tree, I used mediums at hand applying them to a sketchbook page.  I think having my boys around inspires me to be as "free" as they are with spontaneous creativity and use of any medium.
We always have so much fun!


  1. Very happy they can inspire you too! Very pretty flowers!

    1. Hi Csilla
      The beauty and innocence of youth is always inspiring.

  2. Love the blues next to the flowers. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks, Angela. Using different mediums, it was fun to play with color.

  4. Good Morning Steven,
    This is wonderful, Steven. I'd like to be more "artsy sounding" or eloquent, but sometimes just liking something is okay. It's heartfelt and lighthearted and simply beautiful.
    Maybe your grandsons are your Muse!
    Enjoy the weekend, Steven.

  5. Hi Gary
    I'm glad you like this. No need for eloquence-your pleasure is enough for me! Sometimes abandonment from any conscious learned methods is just what one needs to express pure joy. Yes, my grandsons do seem to inspire me.
    I hope you have a great weekend too, Gary.