Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Chateau Gevrey Chambertin"

Today was "D" Day-Delivery day! And here is the finished painting! Upon my arrival, the host opened a bottle of Pino Noir from Chateau Gevrey Chambertin (Vintage 2002)and the hostess offered cheese, fruit and crackers all so generously shared with me in celebration of the unveiling. We had fun hanging the painting, studying the lighting upon it, and even moved a couple pieces of furniture. To my delight one of their grandchildren (three year old Elizabeth) was present adding her bashful charm to the occasion. They were very pleased and of course that pleases me and adds joy to my life as an artist!
As I studied and worked my way into this painting, I became very influenced by the age and architure of this marvelous old rock building. The fact that no two windows are alike fascinates me. The way the rocks are layed creates an interesting visual movement and pattern over the wall surfaces. The old copper gutters, the chimneys, the barrels, the flowers, the wooden window shelf-all elements, that to me, had to be included in detail to capture the character of this historic winery.
Acrylic on Canvas
36" X 48"


  1. Beautiful!! So glad they loved it!

  2. This is is breath taking. Its so alive.
    Bravo Steven.

  3. Lovely painting Stephen. I particularly enjoyed the step by step. It's always interesting to see another artist's approach. I was surprised by the yellow underpainting but it yielded a wonderful sun kissed warmth to the stones.

  4. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for posting the process of your painting. one can learn by just looking at your paintings.