Friday, April 2, 2010

"Near Osprey Lane, Topsail, NC"

Looking in the opposite direction of my last painting...yet another view that captivated my attention and desire to paint this charming little house on the bay.
The mornign light spread warmth over the view in front of me.
Oil on Raymar Panel
12" X 9"
(Plein Air)


  1. Stevven,

    You are so very kind. Thank you for all of your encouraging words. I have been in a slu.p of late, and your compliments come at a much needed time. I think you like painting water as much as I do,

  2. Thank you, Kay, for visiting my blog. Yes, I definitely like painting water!

  3. Hello Steven. You have my deep bow. It's amazing how the government by various painting techniques. Your painting has a very pleasant and reassuring to me. Abstractions are cheerful and beautiful colors are applied to them. Landscapes, especially the last ones are in the colors of the old masters. Beautiful work. If you do not mind you my big model you and I learn from your work. I do not copy or imitate you. Oh no! I wish you a quick happy moments.