Monday, March 20, 2017

"Holly Days"

                                          30" x 30"
                                          acrylic on canvas

                                          season's red and green
                                          celebrations of good cheer
                                          peace and love abound


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Walking through the Woods"


 Here's a project that I worked on this past fall.  It took me three months to complete.  These three panels now hang in "Willingham Court" a dining area at Arbor Acres Retirement Community.  My concept for these was to present the image in a way that would evoke the way that oriental paintings are mounted on silk panels.  Of course my images are not at all oriental in style,  however I painted the borders to resemble patterns that might be woven in silk.  The over all decor of this court has an oriental flair in fabric patterns used along with beautiful interior landscape plantings and architectural features.

Each Panel:
                                                   Left: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                          Center: 72" X 72" acrylic on canvas

                                                   Right: 48" X 72" acrylic on canvas                          


Friday, December 9, 2016

"Gothic Garden Arch"

                                          roses on a wall
                                          sweet intoxicating scent
                                          up this garden path

                                          36" X 36"
                                          acrylic on canvas

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Springtime Overlook"

                                          white columned arbor
                                          quiet place to see the view
                                          colorful spring day

                                          36" x36"
                                          acrylic on canvas

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Airlie Gardens Arbor"

Here's my second completed painting for the "Arbor Room".  I chose an arbor that is located within the lovely "Airlie Gardens" in Wilmington, NC.  The beauty of place along with it's rich history ( make this one of the most intriguing gardens to visit in our state.  It is very "Old South" with plantings of azaleas, camelias, wisteria, live oaks, and seasonal annuals typical in this southeastern region of the US. 

                                         Completed painting:

                                          48" x 48"
                                          acrylic on canvas

                                          mid-stage of painting

                                          first stage of painting showing tonal underpainting

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Reynolda Gardens Arbor"

For almost two months now I  have been working on creating two commissioned paintings for a dining room that is called the "Arbor Room".  Soooo... I decided to do paintings of arbors that I know and enjoy visiting.  They are both in gardens here in North Carolina that are beautiful destinations for viewing creative landscape design, historically valued, great places to meditate, enjoy nature, celebrate weddings and other occasions,  and contemplate the beauties of nature.  The first one is here in Winston-Salem at Reynolda Gardens.  Installation/construction of the gardens started around 1911 commissioned by the late Katharine Smith Reynolds wife of Richard Joshua Reynolds the "father" of the great "Reynolds Tobacco Company" empire.

Here's the first one:

                                          Completed painting:
                                          acrylic on canvas

                                          mid-stage of painting

                                          first stage of painting showing tonal underpainting



Monday, July 11, 2016

"Hydrangea" Mandala

                                          lingering soft hues
                                          those of skies and distant seas
                                          refresh these hot days

                                          36" x 36"
                                          acrylic on canvas

Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Wildwood Bright"

I won a second place cash award for this!  A competition /show sponsored by "Hanes Companies".

                                          "Wildwood Bright"
                                          60" x 60"
                                          acrylic on canvas

Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Crepe Myrtle Summer" Mandala

                                                       24" x 36"
                                                       acrylic on canvas

I created this using my sketches of crepe myrtles as reference. The center vortex of the mandala was designed using the forms and lines of the trunk structures.  I make patterns of different aspects of the plant and then manipulate them until I am please with their symmetrical repetitious placement. In this one I decided to include a "botanical" study of a blossom stem.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Koi Pond"

This is the first floorcloth that I have ever posted here on my blog.  I paint them mostly as commissioned pieces.  They are so "site" specific as most clients want them to be compatible with their decor.  I started doing these because the idea fascinated me somehow as an application of useful or applied art. So, after lots of experimenting and study I thought I had created some interesting creative objects of art for submission to our regional craft guild. "Long story short":   In the year 2000 I became a member of "Piedmont Craftsmen" after passing a stringent jury process of submitting examples of my floorcloths and tablecovers  .  This guild has given me great exposure in this Southeastern region of the US. From time to time I receive commissions because of my affiliation with this splendid group of craftsmen and the attention that it has given me.

                                         "Koi Pond for Greg"

                                          60" X 36"
                                          acrylic on canvas