Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Journey" Mandala

                                          flowing with the stream
                                          allowing the tide of life
                                          to carry us home

                                          acrylic on canvas
                                          2 7/8" diameter


  1. Hi Steven,
    Such a small work with such powerful colors and shapes. I wonder how it would look up-sized to two or three feet across? Any plans to make some larger mandalas?
    I also really like the haiku. Last night at the Capitol, House Member, Mr. Will Espero, passed out copies of his own book of this unique and powerful style of verse. His name is Will Espero and his book is titled, "Sunday Haiku". One of my favorites goes like this:
    The journey begins
    Into a vast unknown world
    To find destiny
    Ain't it the truth!
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. Hello Gary
    Thanks! I especially enjoyed developing the color gradation in this one. Maybe some day there will be larger mandals. I had already given it some thought-just not any inspired action at this time. I like the Haiku.
    Keep having fun!